100 Reasons why the Bible does not use the word Trinity: Reason 15 of 100 [No verse or example in the scriptures of people praying to the Holy Spirit]

Some (may be many) Christians think the Holy Spirit was non-existent in the O.T. scriptures.

Now the prophets of the O.T. were aware of the workings of the spirit but they never prayed to the spirit or made a biunity God of YHWH and ‘HIS’ spirit.

Enter the N.T. writings and you find no record of Jesus or the apostles praying to the Holy spirit. You will find references to Praying ‘IN’ the Spirit but not ‘TO’ the spirit.

Wondered Why?

But your pastors pray To the Spirit? Why?

Who authorized them with such superior knowledge above the prophets and the Apostles? The Nicaea Creed!

If you cannot even quote 10 verses about a critical doctrine then why do you embrace it so zealously?

The Holy spirit is a separate topic, but the prophets of Old did not make a biune relationship with the Father and confuse themselves. Enter the Roman Church leaders and they create a New God – Holy Spirit!

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